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SERVICES - Non-Destructive Testing

LEEDON Inspection utilizes several state-of-the-art, non-destructive testing methods to evaluate materials, piping, weldaments, and other applications. Our field technicians are trained in accordance with the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing’s SNT-TC-1A. Technicians must undergo a rigorous examination by our designated Level III technician before they can certify as a Level I or Level II technician. We also require a declared amount of “on the job” experience to ensure that our examinations are done accurately and correctly.

LEEDON provides the following NDT services:
• Ultrasonic Testing Flaw Detection (UT Full)
• Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UT)
• Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
• Liquid Penetrate Testing (PT)
• Visual Testing (VT)

We also perform audits and RT examinations and subcontract RT services. We offer a phased array and TOFD examinations. Our UT thickness exams are often used to satisfy the OSHA Process Safety Management’s mechanical integrity studies. These studies help determine “fitness for duty” on fixed equipment and provide critical corrosion and erosion data on existing equipment.

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